Leatha Marie’s career has been focused with and around children.  She taught public school in rural North Carolina where she learned the difference between street and book smarts – and the value of both.  The majority of her career was in mentoring the next leaders in early childhood education corporations.  All the while gaining stories of life, loyalty, challenge and how resilience leads to success.  Lately her work has involved coaching, writing, and training business managers to become more leader than boss.

Reading non-fiction books and articles have fed Leatha’s talents.  Reading fiction for pleasure has fed her soul. 

Writing personal journals has helped her capture the happiest and impactful moments of life.  Those journals held tight her observations which bond or fracture relationships.  Over the years she has collected a marvelous assortment of characters, family and friends, who add narrative to her life.

Living in the south, where many things “are not talked about,” encouraged Leatha Marie to unearth what might really be happening.  She lived among a funny, sometimes outrageous, extended family which blessed her with plenty of stories.  She grew up in Raleigh, NC. 

Leatha is a Meredith College graduate with a double major in History and Early Childhood Education. Her MBA is also from Meredith College.

What People Say

“weaver of words”

Walt Disney

Story Maker

J. K. Rowling

The Nash girls are just fine.

Dr. Seuss

Conversations while waiting produce memories.

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