An Emotional Path

Writing Fiction

I have enjoyed writing in a journal for many years. That process allowed me to release emotion to the paper so I could move on. It also facilitated learning by re-reading my words later – after I had gained some perspective.

That writing began to organize itself through creating fiction. In February 2019 while attending a writing class we were challenged to be ready to read aloud from our “book”. At that point the book was not ready (nor started). So I now had a new deadline. I wrote the first chapter for the reading. Last month, October 2019, I finished the writing and re-writing with my editor. It is now published!

What a process it was! I cried like a baby when I wrapped up the story and stopped typing. I was emotional when the editor said it was good – validation from others. With each level of editing and re-write, I found new ways to make the characters stronger and the circumstances more compelling. But I had no idea where this talent was coming from. The story was telling itself. That was a little intimidating and frankly bewildering.

The next six months of work were challenging. I wanted it to happen/finish faster and other times it was too fast. When I saw the cover produced, again I wept. I had created something I never really thought I could. Exhilarating!

If no one every buys the book or reads it other than family, that will be okay. I did something new in my advanced age.

I Fell in Love with Reading

Reading for me is learning.

Cyprus, library of restored Mediterranean town house
I am of the generation who likes to read from a book - not from a e-reader. I like the smell of a book, the feel of the pages, and be able to easily page back to find something I want to understand better.

Most of my career I have read to improve my skills and talents in teaching children, managing processes and leading adults. I love to read then teach others through consulting, coaching, and training what I have learned.

Reading has also been central to my happiness in life. I can’t remember the first book I read that was not assigned to me by a teacher, but I know the ones that first made me fall in love with books – Cold Sassy Tree, Fried Green Tomatoes, Rainey, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

What books did you fall in love with as a child?

The Nash Sisters

Novel coming soon!

I only began writing fiction this year. It was about time.

I am an observer and conversationalist.  Most of my life I have been writing what I see and insight I gain through conversations.  These “stories” have filled my journals. 

In our family while waiting with others during weddings, long weekends at the beach, caregiving in sickness or healing, and even when someone is approaching death, we talked about our life memories. 

The interesting thing is the more time you reminisce with family and friends the more the stories change.  They resemble your memories but with new perspective.  This change can be surprising.