Nash Round-Robin Letters Rules

An excerpt from The Nash Sisters – A Story of Family Sticking Together When It Counts.

The sisters stayed in touch by writing Round-Robin Letters. It all started when Dianne and Annie moved away. Ethel desperately missed her sisters and decided news about each other could be a gift. Like a present that arrives in the mailbox. The Nash Round-Robin Letters began with Ethel. These are her rules.

Add a letter to the Round-Robin letters each time it comes ’round. I hope we can have the robin go ’round at least once a month. Don’t hold the letters more than a few days before mailing them. Even if you are busy or can’t think of anything to say, just make comments on what other letters have said. You can write letters front and back of a page and no more than two sheets of paper to save on postal costs. Here is the way The Nash Round-Robin Letters will go.

I’ll start it since I am the oldest, and it was my idea. I write my letter and mail it to Dianne. Dianne, you write to us about your life in Burlington and mail my letter and yours to Caroline. Since we are never sure where Caroline will be living next, she has asked the postmaster to hold her mail. She promised to save some money for stamps and go pick up her mail once a week.

Caroline, please write your letter as soon as you can, add it to letters from Dianne and me then send all of them to Annie.

Annie, you contribute your letter and send all four back to me. I know you have a Roaring Twenties life to tell us all about, but please keep to two sheets of paper. When I get the letter from Annie, we have completed one round robin.

I take out my letter and start it all over again with a new letter.

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Writing non-fiction about leader development, mentoring, training, and coaching managers has spanned most of my career. Leadership in the early childhood education field is where I practiced my skills for more than 25 years. In retirement, my fingers on the keyboard began to write fiction. The stories that come from my head and heart to the keyboard are historical fiction about family, friends, and the resilience of people. Check out The Nash Sisters Novels available on Amazon.

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