Finding Respite in Place or People

All of us are troubled sometimes. If you are having a bad day or bad moment, find respite in place or those that truly love you.

From Happiness Doesn’t Come Easy -A Nash Sisters Novel we can take a lesson from what the Nash sisters do for each other.

Annie’s thoughts at the end of a visit with the her baby sister’s psychiatrist.

In the end, I was feeling a fraction of happiness to such a sad day. I grabbed Ethel’s hand under the table. It was warm and so familiar. It felt the same as Momma’s soft, wrinkly hand. Momma is watching over us. I am sure of it.

We stood to leave the room. “You know what, Dr. Redmond?” I asked. Ethel was reading my mind. She joined me in finishing that phrase that has always been true, “The Nash sisters are going to be just fine.”

Published by writinglpr

Writing non-fiction about leader development, mentoring, training, and coaching managers has spanned most of my career. Leadership in the early childhood education field is where I practiced my skills for more than 25 years. In retirement, my fingers on the keyboard began to write fiction. The stories that come from my head and heart to the keyboard are historical fiction about family, friends, and the resilience of people. Check out The Nash Sisters Novels available on Amazon.

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