Marie Nash

At age 13, Marie Frances Nash was told by her momma that Marie’s first father was Frank Pollard.

Before that it hadn’t mattered to Marie. She had a loving family. There was her best cousin, Suzy, who became her sister. They grew up together in the arms of their aunts, momma Ethel, and papa George.

It was with Suzy that Marie experienced death for the first time. Aunt Dianne, Suzy’s momma, was sick for a long time before dying. Watching someone die and figuring out how to mourn was difficult. It formed the bond that Suzy and Marie never broke.

Frank came out from the shadows asking for forgiveness by sending money, buying Marie a car to drive while at North Carolina State College, and visiting whenever momma would allow.

Marie began having babies. She was good at it. She had three by the age of 26. Her momma was never far from her.

Soon it became Marie’s turn to support momma, Suzy, and Frank when the family foundation needed strengthening.

Get to know Marie more deeply in all three Nash Sisters novels.

Published by writinglpr

Writing non-fiction about leader development, mentoring, training, and coaching managers has spanned most of my career. Leadership in the early childhood education field is where I practiced my skills for more than 25 years. In retirement, my fingers on the keyboard began to write fiction. The stories that come from my head and heart to the keyboard are historical fiction about family, friends, and the resilience of people. Check out The Nash Sisters Novels available on Amazon.

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  1. I just finished reading THE NASH SISTERS. How great to have somebody in the family to make up stories that are inspired by real family stories. Keep it up Leatha Marie. So many folks will identify with so many of your characters.


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